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Sutter Metals strongly upholds state and federal: 


- Environmental and safety regulations;

- Regulations regarding the buying and

processing of junk vehicles

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Sutter Metals offers top quality services for commercial metal recycling. Our experienced crew understands the needs of all types of metal recycling and Sutter Metals has the equipment and personnel needed to meet those needs. 


We have three locations: Tacoma, Lacey, and Centralia. All locations offer efficient, quality service for all commercial and industrial customers.


Commercial Services

Commercial Services

On Site  Scrap Metal Processing.

All our locations offer a certified drive-on scale for large-quantities of scrap metal such junk vehicles. Non-ferrous (brass, copper and aluminum) are weighed on our smaller drop scale. Our prices are set to competitive market standards.

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Our company welcomes opportunities to work with builders and contractor demolition projects for clean up of recyclable metals.  Our clients receive one-on-one consulting to create efficient and favorable processing at clients’ project site. We work with various clients to provide a custom scrap metal management program by placing our drop bins at client's preferred disposal site.

Bin Services

48 Hr turnaround

Services - Bins

Sutter Metals has delivered industry leading  mobile crushing services to auto part facilities for over a decade. Loading and transportation of crushed vehicles from the project site is included in our mobile crushing service.

Mobile Bailing & Crushing.

Metal Brokerage.

Our strong business relationship with regional scrap processing facilities enables us to provide competitive pricing and reliable transportation to our clients. We work hand-in-hand with the clients to maximize their greatest return and facilitate efficient processing and transportation.

Services - Commercial Clients

More than just metal—we provide bailing services for materials like cardboard, aluminum cans and plastics.

Expanded services.


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