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Bright Copper Wire

Sutter Metals Recycling accepts many types of copper scrap metal. Bright Copper Wire, also known as #1 Bare Bright Wire can be found in a lot of cabling and wiring. Electricians and similar businesses may encounter Bright Copper Wire inside of insulated wires, romex wire, and THHN wire.

Bare Bright Copper Wire can be recognized by its reddish-orange color. It should be free of all insulation, corrosion, paint, or coating of any kind. Make sure any Bare Bright Copper Wire is separated from other ICW and scrap metal in order to receive the best value for your scrap metal.

Insulated copper wire or cable can be stripped to get Bare Bright Copper Wire. Make sure your ICW does in fact have bare bright copper wire inside by cutting away the insulation and checking for the reddish-orange color. Some ICW has a tin coat, which can be identified by a silver color, instead of the bare bright color.

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