Competitive Market Prices


Sutter Metals strongly upholds state and federal:

  • Environmental and safety regulations;
  • Regulations regarding the buying and processing of junk vehicles

Our facility gives convenient access to the general public by using our drive-on scale for large-quantities of scrap metal such as incomplete junk vehicles while non-ferrous (brass, copper and aluminum) are weighed on our smaller drop scale. Prices are set to competitive market standards and can be inquired by phone at regular business hours.

We strongly uphold state and federal environmental and safety regulations which we extend to our customers.

Individuals with questions regarding preparation of particular items are encouraged to call the office during normal business hours.

On Site Scrap Metal Processing.

Purchasing vehicles for recycle.

Have a vehicle ready for valuation?

Sutter Metals works closely with local tow and junk car facilities to obtain junk vehicles and equipments for the sole purpose of its scrap metal and the recycling of the various core components. We operate several company-owned tow trucks to transport junk vehicles to our site where they are dismantled and crushed.

Our hauling service is particularly convenient for private individuals looking to sell their used vehicles and for the removal of various junk car parts from their property. Due to our strong relationships with regional scrap facilities, we are able to guarantee top market prices to our clients. This unparalleled relationship with industry leaders continues to fuel our success and competitiveness among other local companies.

Our company welcomes opportunities to work with builders and contractor demolition projects for clean up of recyclable metals. Our clients receive one-on-one consulting to create efficient and favorable processing at clients’ project site. We work with various clients to provide a custom scrap metal management program by placing our drop bins at client’s preferred disposal site.

Additionally, we can readily provide mobile crushing service to auto part facilities. Crushed vehicles are loaded and transported from project site and included in our mobile crushing service.

Bins. Mobile Bailing & Crushing.

Metal Brokerage.

Our strong business relationship with regional scrap processing facilities enables us to broker metal recycling services and provide competitive pricing and pick up arrangements to our clients. We work hand-in-hand with the clients to maximize their greatest return and facilitate efficient processing and transportation.

More than just metal—we provide bailing services for materials like cardboard, aluminum cans and plastics.

Expanded services.